"Fashion Riot"

‘Fashion’ can be broadly and easily defined as the popular trend in styles of dress.  Although personal expression takes every opportunity to reinterpret and redefine what the world presents as ‘trending’, it is often the social trends of this world that dictate our fashion industry.  In fact, history has proven that intense seasons of social and economic change, such as recession, war, or even recovering prosperity, have a dramatic effect on the clothes we wear.

So it is with this global season – for many of us, the clothes we used to wear have hung quietly for months while we reach for the more casual and comfortable, as we all stay at home for extended periods.  The fashion industry will look back in time to this period in our history and tell of how, in this moment of history when there were the greatest imposed restrictions on our daily freedoms, that the world turned to the least restricting form of dress – athletic, leisure or lounge wear.

Fashion forecasters know from the past, that this season has now normalized casual, comfortable clothing.  Even if the ‘trend pendulum’ swings to the opposite side, the industry knows that ‘threads’ of these present-day fashion trends that began in 2020, including masks, will remain with us and influence our future trends. 

But there is another underlying, recurring top trend in the current fashion industry and that is ‘camo’ – military style, camouflage print clothing.  So it is then – that our clothing continually evolves to reflect the culture and the society that we live in.  And our personal choices are the non-verbal statement in these turbulent times that reflect who we are as individuals and our own identities.  Camo is such a contrasting style to the passivity of loungewear - tactical gear in the civilian marketplace.  Perhaps the time is coming for a ‘fashion riot’.

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