Grace & Grit

In this first writing, I realize that most of you who are reading this, will know us.  You will know our story and who we are, and so this will just be like introducing you to a new chapter in our book.   But for those who have not been formally introduced, please meet Josi, Emma and Levi, the three sisters that co-operatively bring you “The Stockyard” – an online, women’s clothing boutique.

The girls grew up on a farm on the backroads of Ontario, but as a family, we have travelled much, often to horse shows and with fond memories of frequent trips to the Stockyards in Texas.  Hence the name and also the clothing that they offer – a simple merging of trending urban styles for country girls with rural roots and a little bit of western all mixed in - a rural Canadian brand that captures and celebrates faith, fashion, family and farm life.

We know that this is an unsettling season to launch a new venture, but we are intentionally choosing to live fully in an uncertain world, not because our hope is in the world, but because it is in God.  That takes courage and I am proud of them as they step out - when I look at them, I see an unusual combination of “grace and grit”.  And so that is my prayer for them as they begin – that God would continue to give them that special “grace and grit” to be in this world, but not of it.  God bless.

Peace and love, Mama.

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