We all need rest – physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally – rest is kind and good and restorative for spirit, soul and body.  God calls all of us to rest from our work.  He gave us one day in seven – He said, “six days you shall labour, but the seventh is a Sabbath to the Lord – you shall not do any work”.  

So my sisters and brother grew up with Saturday as our work day – in the morning we would put on our “work clothes” because we all had a list of chores and several jobs to complete by day’s end.  Saturday night was bath night lol because the next day was Sunday or the Sabbath -the God-given day of rest.  We dressed up in our “best clothes”, went to church and visited with family.  

Well, it was many years later when I learned that this was the church’s system but not God’s truth since near the beginning of time, God had chosen Saturday as the Sabbath day and man had changed it to Sunday.  When I realized that I had been getting it wrong, I made the change to consider Saturday as a day of rest but it was counter-cultural.  Now, for me, there are no work clothes and no Sunday best, but maybe something more akin to loungewear.  What a beautiful command and such a blessing; to know your Maker, restore your soul, renew your mind, delight your heart, enjoy His creation, be grateful, love others, and rest from all your labours.  

Peace and love,


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