Trunk Show

our first trunk show in a sweet potato field ...

As a start-up fashion brand, we have been eager for the time when we can present ourselves in the marketplace and to engage with our audience in person.  Only recently, we were made very welcome by the sweet and smiling, bride-to-be Celina at her most amazing bachelorette gathering where we would photograph the group of girls modelling our line of clothing.

The girls were so fun – the energy was abundant, and the interactions were so embraced.  As the photographer, I loved seeing the girl’s personalities revealed, not only in their mannerisms and poses, but also in the clothes that they chose to wear.  These were not paid models – these were a diverse and beautiful group of women who enthusiastically embraced this organic and somewhat spontaneous moment in the midst of their celebration.

But what started as a unique photo opportunity turned into our very first “trunk show”- literally.  All the clothes had been packed up in my trunk and we never imagined the sales that would result.  But it wasn’t just the sales – it was the process that was beautiful.  

As grateful as we are for the online platform, it is no match to the personal interaction with our customers.  Maybe the enthusiasm was helped by the hallmarks of “old-fashioned shopping”: the ability to touch the fabrics and see the colours, to try them on and feel how they looked, or to actually take their purchase with them or even wear it right away.

However, I think there was some beautiful energy simply because of the gathering of women – that the fellowship and friendship and shared experience brought the tangible beauty to this unrehearsed and spontaneous time.  I can’t say that the photographs completely convey the mood for this event, but I do know that I am grateful to the lovely bride, for the amazingly creative, “Desert Celoon” location, for the photo opportunity and for the sales.  But mostly I am grateful for the opportunity to meet this diverse and beautiful group of young women and to experience the collective energy within the marketplace setting, even in the middle of a sweet potato field lol.

Thank-you Celina xo.   

Love, Mama.

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